Moonbeam organizes the first mass broadcast for the French community

Moonbeam Protocol comes this Wednesday, August 17th, 6pm, to meet the French audience through the show exceptional audience. The announcement comes after the launch of its main network in January of this year. It is time to learn the first lessons and assess the latest progress of the project. in your calendars.

The event will be hosted by Yann Isola, Product Manager at Moonbeam. He will be responsible for delivering the project, then he will take up the issue of associated contracts. In fact, Much progress has been made After implementing the public network 6 months ago. So an update was necessary. With the friendly mass broadcast sound, the team wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Or not Make a direct connection with your French community. Then take the opportunity to first assess the situation after the recent critical developments.

Announced, Moonbeam presents the first French-speaking crowd broadcast to talk about the interconnection between Ethereum and Polkadot
Book your tickets for Moonbeam’s first group broadcast in French

for memory, Moonbeam It is proposed to open the Ethereum ecosystem on the Polkadot network. The main interest of this thing is a significant reduction in transaction costs. Thanks to this transfer, technology users can benefit from all the protocols deployed on Ethereum at a lower cost. A particularly interesting feature in the context of DeFi which sees that its various strategies have naturally relieved the burden of operating costs.

And so, Wednesday, August 17th at 6 p.m., Moonbeam will come for the first time to meet its French-speaking community. On the list are network interconnection such as smart contracts, and community connectivity. An appointment that should not be missed under any circumstances. Remember to register!

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